Ways to Make Your House Spooky

Two things that make Halloween the most fun, are trick-or-treating and Halloween decorating. Go beyond the few pumpkins and the friendly witch and give your house a spooky makeover! Add on some scary sights and sounds with your regular Halloween decor. Keep reading to learn some new ways Halloween decorating will leave your home looking spooky and fantastic. 

Use Lights to Be More Spooky

Lights are important to use to create a spooky ambiance for you house. Start by placing LED strips around your windows to create a creepy light show. Simply set up the strips on the bottom of your window. Most light strips allow you to choose the color or set the lights to blink and flash. 

To add an additional scare factor to the lights in the window you can cardboard cut out the silhouette of a monster, ghost, or ghoul. When the light strip is on you’ll be able to see the outline of the spooky figure. 

Create Bush Eyes 

You can create eerie glowing eyes to hide in your bushes or trees to make it look like monsters are hiding in there. Grab a few paper towel rolls and cut holes in the side of the roll that will resemble different monster eyes. Once you have the cuts put a glow stick inside of the roll to create glowing eyes. Once the rolls are stashed outside and the sun goes down onlookers will feel like someone or something is watching them. 

Use Spiders and Webs The house is decorated for Halloween: the entrance to the house

Creepy Crawlies is a sure way to add some spooky to your Halloween decor. For starters, you can add some spiders around your welcome mat so that it looks like there are spiders scattering from underneath the mat. Place some bugs going up your door leading to your doorbell. Add some spider webs to your decor and add a red spotlight behind them to add a frightening glow. Don’t forget to add spiders to your webs to make it complete. You can DIY giant spiders with black garbage bags. Fill the bag with paper to create the body and cut another bag into long strips to make the legs. Put all of the pieces together with black tape and add them to your web. 

Add Fog 

You can add a fog machine to create an eerie scene. Use a few frozen plastic water bottles and place them next to the machine so that when it spouts it will float low to the ground instead of rising quickly and disappearing. Another option to add fog is to add a mist maker to a witches’ cauldron to add a bubbling brew. 

All of these together can make your space the most spooky in the neighborhood!! Have a happy Halloween!


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