Tips For Decorating for Thanksgiving

When decorating for Thanksgiving there is no right or wrong way. There are so many different ways to decorate for fall that there are plenty of options that go with your current home aesthetic. You can decorate with a fall color pallet or use fall decor with colors that match your existing decor. The fall color pallet is typically oranges, reds, yellows, and plums. You can often find fall and thanksgiving decor out of the traditional colors or you can DIY your decor. 

If you have a neutral aesthetic to your home decor you can spice it up and use non-traditional colors to decorate for fall and thanksgiving. Use gold and white, blues, soft greens, or black as a base. Here are some tips for decorating for Thanksgiving. 

Welcome Thanksgiving Guests at the Front Door autumn decorated house with pumpkins and hay.

Welcome your thanksgiving guests with a welcoming fall wreath hanging on the front door. You can buy or make one DIY with products from your local craft store. Add pumpkins and garland to the porch to add something special. To make it a little extra festive add in some orange or white twinkle lights. 

The Hub of the Thanksgiving Meal 

The dinner table is the hub for thanksgiving when the whole family and maybe friends get together for the Thanksgiving meal. Decorating the table to entertain guests can make the table cozier, homier, and festive. Add in the main centerpiece, an idea is to take a large faux pumpkin and cut it in half and add fall florals to the bottom half. Be mindful of the height of the decor items added. Adding too many tall items can cause guests to not be able to see others across the table. 

Photo of Thanksgiving dinner set up The Heart of Thanksgiving 

The kitchen is the next hub after the table for thanksgiving. Everyone enjoys hanging out in the kitchen hoping to get a tasting of something. Make it festive by adding some decor pieces. Use your space and add pumpkins, fall produce in your produce bowls, and fall garland. 

The Living Room During Thanksgiving  

The living room is more than likely the last hub for thanksgiving gatherings. Everyone will gather in the living room to mingle, make it festive by adding in some fall decor. Use pumpkins, flowers, candles, fall garlands, and color accents in your decor. 

Decorate Guest Room Areas for Thanksgiving 

You might be having guests staying in your guest bedroom(s) and want to make them festive. If you have a neutral aesthetic for your guest bedroom and bathroom you can throw in fall colors to the decor such as an orange throw blanket, and yellow and red throw pillows. If you don’t have a color pallet already established you can buy or DIY fall decor to match the guest areas. 

Specific Items for Thanksgiving Decor  

Use fall-colored candle holders such as warm autumnal amber glass. Candles are a fantastic use for fall decor because the fall scents are cozy. You can have multiple candle holders at different heights to add more dimension to the decor. Add wreaths to interior doors. Remember to decorate as light, heavy traditional, or non-traditional as you want. 


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