Outdoor Decor Ideas For The Summer


Summer in Charleston is finally here! That means time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the warm weather. A great way to do this is by sitting on the porch, either enjoying the company of friends or reading a good book on your own. Regardless of how you chose to utilize it, the outdoor space of your home is perfect for enjoying the summer weather without even having to leave your house. One thing that would make this space even better and more enjoyable, however, is some tasteful and fun summer decor. 


Decorating can be overwhelming for a lot of people. There are so many different design styles and so many options on the market. Unsure of where to start? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some easy ways to elevate your outdoor space this season. 


Colorful Accent Pillows


A really simple way to spruce up your patio area is to add colorful accent pillows to any of your outdoor furniture. Not only will these add some comfort to the space, but they will also make it brighter and more fun for the summertime. Try to stick to one or two dominant colors to keep things looking clean with potential supplementary colors throughout. 


Invest In An Outdoor Decor Rug


While this decor idea might be more of an investment than a couple of accent pillows, an outdoor rug is a great way to transform the design of your outdoor space and tie everything together. You can splurge and invest in a more expensive rug, but there are also plenty of affordable options if you just want to try out a specific look for the summer. Adding a rug to the space will make it so much cozier and welcoming for you and your guests alike. 


Accent With String Lights 


Another fun way to elevate your outdoor space is by hanging up string lights. These especially add to the look of your outdoor space in the evening and night, allowing you to enjoy your porch even after the sun goes down. There are so many options to choose from: globe lights, lantern lights, vintage lights, fairy lights, rope lights. The list just goes on! Depending on the kind and how much length you get, these can be super affordable as well.


Add A Bar Cart


If your patio or outdoor area is in an enclosed space, adding a bar cart might be worth your while. This would be a fun and practical way to elevate your outdoor area. But the decorating doesn’t just stop there – filling your bar cart itself is yet another opportunity to decorate and tailor your space to look exactly how you want it. Fill it up with versatile glassware, unique tea towels, cocktail napkins, and any of your favorite spirits, of course! Not only will this act as an eye-catching decor item, but it’s guaranteed to be a favorite among guests as well. 


Include Some Greenery For Outdoor Decor


Complete the finishing touches to your outdoor space by including some greenery, whether that be potted plants or window boxes. Whatever your preference may be, it will add some color and brightness to complement your outdoor decor. 


Now that you have these tips and ideas, it’s time to start sprucing up your outdoor space for the summer! Whether you’ll be hosting guests or just enjoying it on your own, it’s important to make every aspect of your home feel comfortable and complete, and your outdoor area is no exception. 


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