Ideas for Decorating for Christmas

For the 2022 Holiday season, there are many new trends on the rise for decorating for Christmas. If you looking for ideas for decorating for Christmas this year keep reading to learn about the 2022 Holiday trends! 

Stray Away from The Traditional Christmas Colors Photo of minimalistic Christmas Decor

Red and green will always be the classic Christmas colors. However, nontraditional color pallets are trending for decorating for Christmas this year. Year after year there seem to be more and more colors of Christmas decor hitting the shelves. Many people enjoy decorating for the holidays while maintaining their home’s aesthetic for a seamless look. 

Decorate With Nostalgic Accents 

Trends come and go, and many old Christmas trends have made their way back this year. This year you can find several different nods to the holiday decor of yesteryears, such as ceramic Christmas trees, tinsel-strewed trees, Christmas villages, vintage Santa statues, and nutcrackers.  

Nature-Inspired Decor 

In a time of reuse, repurposing, and recycling it is no surprise that creating items found outside is trending this year. Instead of using faux greenery, many are in favor is using forested foliage and a real Christmas tree. Integrate pine cones, acorns, dried berries, and twigs into DIY garlands, wreaths, and ornaments. Also, use the same resources to decorate your Christmas dinner table for an organic setting. 

Cozy Decor 

Christmas is a time for staying warm by the fire and spending quality time with your friends and family. Homey comfort is showing up in dreamy and cozy Christmas decor. Tea lights, string lights strung on the ceiling, snow globes, and soft throw holiday blankets are trending this holiday season. To match this vibe, matching family Christmas PJs are really big this year too. 

Don’t Forget the Mantle

Mantle decorations have been a long-time focus when decorating for Christmas. It is after the fireplace Santa makes his entrance. This year’s trends include greenery or garland made from 

materials such as felt balls, pom poms, wood beads, or yarn. Drape decor across the mantle and different shapes and heights to create an asymmetrical design. Add your stockings, twinkle lights, and ribbon, with a few candles spread across the mantle as well. You can add a wreath or Christmas painting above the mantle to create a focal point and tie everything together. Put a rug in front of the fireplace with a throw pillow to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Subtle Christmas Touches 

Minimalistic is trending right now. You’ll find a good bit of completely bear Christmas trees, or trees with just lights stung on them, and maybe just some ribbon added. Accents around the home with tasteful minimal solid colors. Choose small touches such as a Pampas Grass or a Charlie Brown Inspired Christmas tree with neutral-colored decorations that blend in with your home’s aesthetic.  

Cone-Shaped Trees/Gnomes 

If you didn’t see them during Halloween or Thanksgiving when shopping for decor, you’ll most likely see them for Christmas. Cone-shaped Gnomes have been big for all three big Holidays this year, they’re adorable and simple. You will also find mini cone-shaped Christmas trees this year. Put these two things together and you have adorable but simple holiday accents. 

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