How We Work

Let Us Feng Shui Your Home in Mount Pleasant, SC!

Work with Andrea Lavigne and her team at Decorating Den Interiors for a chance to experience truly superior service and superb interiors. Andrea’s twenty years experience in design and management promise you a smooth project.

Decorating Den Interiors offer full home interior design and decoration
including product selection and purchasing.

Andrea Comes to You

Andrea Lavigne of Decorating Den Interiors bring years of experience right to your home or office. Andrea will be asking lots of questions because she wants your space to represent your style needs whether for your home or business!

The initial appointment typically lasts about an hour. Larger projects may require more than one appointment. If you decide to work together Andrea will take photos and video, and measure the space during the design appointment. If there are multiple areas to be measured, Andrea may return another day.

Andrea will request a full house tour and you should mention other problem areas. She may ask to see your closet to get an idea of the colors and patterns you wear. This is a time to get to know each other and decide how to move forward.

Making Selections

Every project presents its own unique set of circumstances. Andrea prides herself on working side by side with you to accomplish your design vision. She’ll discuss the specifics of your project, help determine the budget and make some preliminary design suggestions.

Depending on the size of the project, Andrea may be able to get started with just one meeting but generally a full room project (or larger) may require several appointments. At her studio, interior designer Andrea Lavigne will begin to plan out the space she is decorating and start to make selections for your individualized design.

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Design Plan

Andrea will present her ideas through a mixture of PowerPoint with floor plans, 3-D drawings and product images, and hand samples of products such as flooring, tile, drapery and furniture fabrics. If needed she can also drop samples at your home/office then talk to you via FaceTime or Zoom.

Andrea will have worked with the budget that was agreed on earlier in the process and will be able to give pricing on all elements of the design project including installation.

As your products are ordered from a wide range of vendors, items arrive individually and are stored safely until everything arrives. Some things may arrive within weeks, custom items may take several months depending on fabric availability and production schedules. Andrea will keep you informed throughout the process.

The Final Reveal

If you are having major renovations, you will see most of the work being done. But if you are having a room decorated, you can look forward to a surprise.

You’ve waited patiently for installation day, surely the most exciting day for both you and Andrea! It is advisable to leave Andrea alone in your home to supervise the sub-contractors who will install window treatments and hang light fixtures.

If you were having paint and wallpaper installed, that may happen earlier to avoid paint spills on your new furniture. Andrea will call you to return home when everything is perfect. There is nothing nicer than having left your home in the morning then returning later to see the final reveal. Enjoy your new space — hiring an interior designer is worth every cent!