How to make a room look bigger with creative interior design work

make a room look bigger

Many homeowners want to make their houses look and feel as big as possible, for a variety of understandable reasons. The reality is, though, unless you’re willing to pay a large amount of money to have your house reconstructed, you’re limited by how many square feet your house consisted of when you purchased it. So how can you make a room look bigger?

There are a few ways to do so, each of which involves some creativity and possibly a little bit of interior design work. Here are a few tips from Andrea Lavigne on how to make the existing space inside your home feel just a little bit bigger than it is.

The right furniture arrangement can make a room look bigger

When you’re trying to make a room look bigger, every square inch of space counts. For example, a couch that’s arranged at an angle in the corner of a room between two walls completely blocks off that corner from any type of usage along with the sides of the room near that corner, and that does the opposite of making your room feel larger than it is. The key is to be as efficient and as economical as possible with the furniture in the room to create as much open space as possible. Pushing furniture up against a wall to open up floor space is a good place to start. And speaking of furniture in a room: if a particular piece of furniture doesn’t belong in a particular room, don’t put it there. Unnecessary pieces of furniture can clutter a room up and make it look smaller than it is.

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Mirrors can help make a room look bigger and brighter

Mirrors can be an excellent way to make a room look bigger because they’ll reflect all kinds of light in that room and make the room appear brighter as well as larger.  Where, exactly, you should situate your mirror will depend on a variety of factors, but as a general rule of thumb, it should be located on the wall perpendicular to a window. A mirror should also be high enough off the ground that anybody who looks into it can see not only their own reflection in the mirror but the reflection of most of the furniture in the room.

Paint your ceiling and your walls different colors to make a room look bigger

Sometimes, the simplest things can have the greatest impact. Arranging your walls and ceiling to be different colors- in particular, making the ceiling darker than the walls- can potentially create an illusion of a larger room with the ceiling appearing to be higher up off the ground than it actually is. A single hanging light fixture on your ceiling can draw some focus up there, but even with the lights on, the illusion of having a taller ceiling might make a room feel more spacious.

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