How to Decorate Your Living Space With Fresh Flowers and Greenery

If you’re stumped on how to finish decorating your home or are seeking some design inspiration, look no further. One of the most beautiful and eye-catching ways to elevate your home decor is one of the easiest! 


Fresh flowers and greenery are the perfect choices to complete your space and make it feel like home. Not to mention, they have so many purposes outside of just decoration alone. Fresh flowers, for example, can purify the air in your home, and greenery has been proven to reduce stress and boost your overall mood and productivity! With all of this knowledge, it’s almost impossible not to add fresh flowers and plants to your home. Here are some simple yet effective ideas to add that finishing touch of decor:


A Welcome Arrangement


If you host guests often, you want your foyer or home entrance to be welcoming and eye-catching. While this can be achieved with a beautiful mirror or a colorful hallway runner, an arrangement of fresh flowers is sure to make your guest feel welcome and calm when they enter your home. Yet another decor opportunity, you can arrange the flowers in a subtle yet elegant vase to finish the look. 


Perch Potted Plants in Your Windowsills 


Another way to decorate your home with greenery is to add potted plants to any windowsills you might have. Windowsills are a great place for plants that need a significant amount of sunlight, but they can act as a design accent as well. An array of smaller potted plants can make your space feel more at home and add a pop of color throughout!


Enhance Your Living Room with Fresh Flowers


To many people, the living room is one of the most important in your house. It is often the spot that you spend most of your time in, whether that be when gathering with friends or watching a movie with your family. Since you likely spend a lot of time in this space, it’s important to make it comforting and inviting. A great way to do this is by adding some flowers or other greenery around the space. 


For example, you can place an arranged bouquet in the center of your coffee table, add a taller tree plant at the corner of your sofa, or even arrange bigger potted plants around your fireplace area. There are so many great opportunities to enhance your living room with flowers or plants that will not only brighten up your space but also completely tie it together. 


Make a Center Piece of Fresh Flowers for Your Dining Area

white roses on dining table

Adding flowers to your dining table is an easy and elegant way to add an element of ambiance to your meal. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or just enjoying the evening with your family, a centerpiece arrangement in your dining area is a tried and true decor idea that is suitable for practically any season!


With these simple ideas, you can transform your home into one that is calming, colorful, and inviting. And the very best part, this is an interior design idea that is classic and will never go out of style! 


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