Four excellent color scheme choices for your home’s interior design

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No matter what type of personality you as an individual may have, what your interests may be, or where you may live, one thing is for certain: you’re going to spend a large amount of time inside your house. As such, you’re going to want to make sure that you can not only tolerate the interior design of your home but that you absolutely love it.

Different people have different color preferences, but some colors simply won’t work well for your living room or your bedroom, so your choices of color schemes are not infinite. On the other hand, there are many color schemes that will work just fine- and in fact, may just be perfect for you.

Here are four color schemes that Andrea Lavigne recommends you consider:

Black and red make for a powerful interior design combo

Black is a color that makes a bold statement. However, too much black with nothing to complement it could lead to more of a dark feel than you’re intending to give off. Pairing a mostly black room with a touch of bright red, however, gives the room a more layered feel- and red is a color that tends to give off a great deal of energy. So if you’re going for a vibe of power, a room with pictures of red roses in front of black backgrounds on the walls, black tables, red chairs, and perhaps some roses on the tables themselves might be just what you’re looking for.

Beige or tan paired with teal, turquoise, or cyan create a beach-themed interior design

The Charleston area is known for its beautiful beaches, and if you live in the Lowcountry, there’s a good chance you spend some time on them. If you especially love the ocean, bring that vibe into your house’s interior design! Set beige or tan as the primary color for the walls, floors, and carpets, place a few turquoise or teal chairs or tables in the room, and you’ve officially created a beach-themed room! Depending on your personality and the mood you want to set, various shades of these colors can give off moods ranging from tranquil to energetic. It’s up to you!

interior design

Gray and tan provides a popular neutral interior design theme

If you don’t feel like making the inside of your home too vibrant, no need to worry; neutral colors make for quite a beautiful interior design. The beauty of these neutral colors is that you have options for how bright or dark you want the particular shades of gray and tan to be. Color choices range from charcoal gray and dark tan or brown colors to light silver and peach, with the most practical hues sitting somewhere in between.

Orange and blue creates the ultimate powerful modern interior design

If you’re a vibrant person looking for an interior design color combination to radiate your energy, a room comprised of fairly bright (although not too bright) shades of orange and blue will do that perfectly. It’s one of the most modern color combinations for a reason: the contrasting color styles work together perfectly: the warmth of orange and the coolness of the blue provides a well-balanced room that can set a variety of the right kinds of moods. The pairing of orange and blue will also tell (or remind) everybody who enters the room that you are a cheery person and that they need to be as well as long as they’re in your presence!

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